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About us

We are a group of enthusiasts dealing in the manufacture of ecological bottle boxes.
Our offer is not a fashion for being eco - it's stylish gifts
for your loved ones or colleagues.
Open up to the Bottle Box - pack the bottle in an eco-box.
Do not box with paper bags.
Bet on the Box

We are not limited to dreams - we carry out every order with passion.
We realize our visions and we are proud of every implementation.
We do not release the product until it is good enough.
We are not afraid to test new and unusual solutions.

We don't know any restrictions on projects.
We spend a lot of time on new designs for our boxes.
We are open to interesting concepts.
We implement our clients' ideas.

All products are hand made.
We do not mass produce.
Each of our boxes is a carefully prepared atmosphere,
which you will feel when packing bottles.

We have a well-equipped machine park: lasers, embroidery machines, engravers, plotters.
Thanks to this we have no restrictions
in preparing new products and trying new concepts.

The history of each product begins with us
- lasts with you.